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Perceptions of the Life Sphere [Jan. 11th, 2009|03:37 pm]
The Ascension Community


©2001 mdf a.k.a. onetarot (slightly modified in 2009)

Perceptions of the Life Sphere

    Different Traditions understand the Spheres differently.  This is most noticeable with the Life Sphere.  Essentially, there are three general categories into which these perceptions fall.  I have used as an analogy an apple tree.  What happens to the apple after it has been plucked?
    1.  The apple instantly reverts to Matter, except for the seeds.
    2.  The whole apple is still living until it rots or is destroyed.
    3.  Not only is the apple living, but so are the “dead” leaves on the ground!
    Each Tradition is listed separately with how they fall into the above categories and a quote from a Mage of the Tradition.

    Akashic Brotherhood:  Category 1
    “The pattern of Chi may leave an imprint on the tree, but as it is the tree that supplies this life force the apple is cut off as soon as it falls.  Thus it is, too, with the hair on my head.”
    Celestial Chorus:  Category 2
    “Only when the Song has faded and the Harmony trails off into a simple Melody will Life depart.”
    Cult of Ecstasy:  Category 2
    “The apple is the tree’s passion, it’s expression.  I know this comes as a shock to you Techno-types out there, but the seeds are the apple’s passion!  Everybody together, now...THE TREE IS THE SEED’S PASSION!  Neat how it works, hmmm?”
    Dreamspeakers:  Category 2
    “The physical world is a vaporous reflection of the real world, the spirit world.  What is alive in the real world is reflected in the physical one.  Your so-called ‘Life Sphere’ is merely a Sphere of Reflections.”   
    Euthanatos:  Category 1
    “Of course the apple is not alive once it is removed.  It can move only one direction on the Wheel and that is towards decay.  The seeds, of course, continue along the Wheel as Life is wont to do.”
    Order of Hermes:  Category 1 (except Houses Davii, Rodin:  2)
    “As Master Huerista Pleasant documented in her treatise The Inner Temperances of Fire Upon the Pattern in Flux, only that which has been defined as having a Noble Pattern can actually be considered to be ‘alive’ in the true (i.e. mystical) sense.”
    Sons of Ether:  Category 3
    “What is all this talk of ‘dead’ leaves?  It is all just organic matter, waiting perhaps for Science to bestir it.  The cursed Technocracy has everyone believing in some ghastly permanence of death...don’t get me started...wait, here are my notes on this very subject...”
    Verbena:  Category 3
    “Life is nearly everywhere.  Nature is the most powerful force, and Goddess knows will not be put down by those bastard Progenitors.  Watch as I grab a handful of this ‘lifeless’ dirt and cause life to issue forth.  Watch as I plant this ‘dead’ branch and create another apple tree!”
    Virtual Adepts:  Category 1
    “Life?  Meat icons.  Worked well enough in this system, but my brothers and sisters are working on Reality 2.0 and meat will have nothing to do with it.”