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Hi! Newbie to community [May. 5th, 2009|11:41 pm]
The Ascension Community


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Well, like some of the posters here said I really wish I would have done this sooner. I feel like I'm so very late to the party. I've spent by days chasing the chats and the dwindling and rarely updated websites for Old Mage games that I should have turned to LJ to meet more players a long time ago. I don't know how many out there still play, but I would love to discuss some topics with anyone interested.

So a bit about me, well I'm a Mage player and have been for the last ohhhh 8 years maybe more (Gosh I feel so old and nerdy admitting that.) I am called theJaer mainly as an OOC alias. My Mage Characters have had crossovers into many other systems, but they are still mainly Mage.

I've been Rping online mostly in one set of chat rooms that started out in the very very old White-Wolf HTML chats. When those chats were down (as was often the case) the regulars would move to alt chat rooms on a mirror site. Eventually Conrad decided to take the HTML style chat rooms down permanently and retire that server as out of date. The Java chats were his new baby and those of us who didn't care for the java based chat rooms continued using the Alt chats. The Alt mirrors have gone through a few server changes and web manager changes over the years. Currently I suppose as is the case in a lot of places, those old WoD Chats are barely used at all in favor of the New WoD games. Since I'm still running characters in the Old WoD style, I am one of those few left playing. I have about 10 years of chat based Rp saved on my hard drive. I've posted some of these scenes on LJ, but there's so many gigs of word files spanning 10 years I don't know how best to post it.

If anyone is interested I would love to hear your feedback on what I've put up so far, and how I can better share my saved epics with the rest of the online world. I look forward to meeting new people and from what I have read in the archives of this community, there seems to be a lot of fantastic discussions going on.

Xposted to other Lj communities for WoD.

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[User Picture]From: home_of_usher
2009-05-06 10:50 am (UTC)
heh I replied in the WOD LJ.

my RP lingo might be rusty as I haven't TT'd in a long time. Different online communities evolve their own lingo after a while. Coming from WWs original WOD Chats I believe such players get stigmatized for having roots there. So I'm not terribly surprised if I will be received disfavorably.

I do suppose the conversion of online chat to a more story or even script format of reading would mean the chats change from logs into 'Fan fiction' except with the difference fan fiction may tend to be written by a single or perhaps two people, while the converted chats have several individual writers for every single character in the story. I'm not sure what kind of fiction that would be.

I want to be able to present these chat logs of the storyline in a way that doesn't scream fan fiction, but neither is it going to be as annoying as reading line after line with someone's character name posted at the beginning. Any tips are welcome. please, have a look at my journal for examples.

Bah it won't let me make links in the comments with the usual link code.
The early stuff I take forever to get up written in story style.

This is a link to entries made alongside actual RP as sort of a character view summery of events of the day.

This scene was RPed as Pure backstory between spirit world and a past life.

Feel free to leave comments on anything.
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