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Sex Ratios [Dec. 26th, 2009|01:00 am]
The Ascension Community


Original version ©1998 onetarot. Modified in 2009.



Akashic Brothers--- 4/3
Celestial Chorus--- 2/1
Cult of Ecstasy--- 3/4
Dreamspeakers--- 1/1
Euthanatos--- 1/1
Order of Hermes--- 3/1
Sons of Ether--- 4/1
Verbena--- 1/4
Virtual Adepts--- 3/1

Iteration X--- 1/1
New World Order--- 3/1
Progenitors--- 3/2
Syndicate--- 1/1
Void Engineers--- 3/2

Hollow Ones--- 2/3

Other Orphans--- 1/2

Notes on the numbers: the female bias with Orphans reflects the facts that males get recruited into Tradtions and Conventions more often, plus females the world over are given fewer opportunities, on average.

The Void Engineers would be even except for the presence of the Void Marines.

While the NWO’s philosophy is theoretically egalitarian, there is a strong male dominance than pervades the upper echelons.

The African Dreamspeakers are slightly female-biased, most other locations carry a male bias.

[User Picture]From: onetarot
2010-07-16 11:57 pm (UTC)

Re: NWO and females

having just re-read the NWO sourcebook, it occurs to me that the male:female ratio is at least skewed there.

And you are welcome to play them as such. See the argument in previous comments for and against.

they are media-centric, so a great many females rise high- in media work, it's your artistry and social skills that cause you to rise, and there is no gender or sex bias there.

You mean in media jobs in North America? Ah hahahaha... I wish. Man, that would be nice. Next time you watch a movie on DVD, check out the names in the credit roll. Or, pick up a copy of Vanity Fair or National Geographic and turn to the masthead.

Are there females? Certainly. Are there as many as males? Like I said, I wish.

But that is the pool the NWO has to pull from, so...

Thank you for the comment.
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[User Picture]From: x405_w4lru5
2010-07-18 05:03 pm (UTC)

Re: NWO and females

there're two places where i think your perception of NWO and media are a bit off. basically, unlike the entirety of media, the NWO is only a few people. so while there may be many many people involved in any given media group or artwork, only a few would be NWO. out of all the people working on a movie, the NWO might only need 1-3 involved.. besides which, you're forgetting the many many media workers who aren't at big firms. the underground media is just as important, and the NWO are of course spread out into it too.
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