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Awakened Population [Jul. 2nd, 2010|05:04 pm]
The Ascension Community


[music |Carbon Based Lifeforms -- Mos 6581]

First, some remarks.

Originally (back in the 20th Century, perhaps), I had written this type of information as if it were from a smart-ass Virtual Adept hijacking a New World Order report regarding the number of Mages on Earth.

It was not my best work.

So, here it is redone -- stripped of its "in-universe" style and updated for the current world population. A little dry, I know, but less annoying.

I have never had a problem with the "1 to 1,000,000" ratio suggested by White Wolf. If Sleepers such as Golda Meir or Joseph Stalin could change the world as much as they did, how much more potential did a willful, driven-to-the-point-of-obsession human with the power to alter the fabric of reality itself possess? Keep in mind, too, that the various Magickal groups have the support of a sizable Sleeper contingent, some more than others.

Some ask "How do they ever run across each other, then?" not understanding that magick and centers of influence attract these people like blood does sharks. Mages tend to clump together, whether they like that or not.

Here you go, then: my version of the


New World Order-----------716
Iteration X---------------696
Void Engineers------------471
Note: Relatively low due to quirks of recruitment/training policies.


Virtual Adepts------------477
Order of Hermes-----------423
Celestial Chorus----------422
Cult of Ecstacy-----------416
Sons of Ether-------------348
Akashic Brotherhood-------334


Note: Includes Hollow Ones.

[User Picture]From: mnemenoi
2010-07-12 01:19 am (UTC)
How do the Crafts play into these numbers, I assume they are counted into the Orphan column?
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[User Picture]From: onetarot
2010-07-12 01:48 am (UTC)
That is correct. This means that some "Crafts" would consist of, literally, 6 Mages and 100 Sleepers -- a cult of personality, or maybe just a cult.

Of course, I also hold that many of the suggested Factions and Crafts and what-all are just that -- suggestions. Not all of them exist within my stories (and what do are dependent largely on the needs of the plot, as it should be). Indeed, I really don't use Factions as written. One could make a pretty good case that, at least within the Traditions, each Chantry is practically its own Faction, simply by default.

While I'm here, I wish to address the fact (given the numbers above) that the Traditions seem to outnumber the Technocratic Union. Speaking of the Awakened, this is true: 3109 to 2773. But the Union is not only more organized and coherent, they have an enormously bigger pool of Unawakened people to support them. The difference would be astonishing. Perhaps my next post will address those suggested numbers...
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